Sunday, June 19, 2011

Planning For New York

How do you plan trip to New York around food, when you are super picky? I am not sure but I am trying. Besides seeing the necessary New York icons, like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Tiffany & Co., you have to eat at their great restaurants, at least that's what I hear. The problem is that I don't eat gourmet food.(Not even gourmet desserts!) I am not refined enough I guess to appreciate a giant white plate with a few splashes of sauce and a small dollop of pate or something else of a questionable texture. So with those limitations, finding "New York" places to eat is a challenge. (I know foodies are rolling their eyes and calling me names.)
Even more important than finding good restaurants, is finding good non frou-frou desserts. I scoured Yelp and Urbanspoon, watched Food Network, and searched a few helpful website like Dessert Buzz, trying to make a list of desserts I must try. I am determined not to miss a single delicious dessert, even if that means I will have to wear something with a elastic waist band for the plane ride home.
After mapping out step by step what to see and were to eat, I printed out my three page itinerary and am ready to conquer New York. (Yes I know I have more issues than just how I eat)

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