Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coconut Lime Truffles

She put the lime in the coconut she drank them both up.

she put the lime in the coconut
she called the doctor, woke him up, and said
"Doctor, ain't there nothing I can take"
I said, "Doctor, to relieve this belly ache?"
I said, "Doctor ain't there nothing I can take"
I said, "Doctor, to relieve this belly ache?"

To keep in the Mexico frame of mind I made Coconut Lime Truffles from my Culinary Institute of America cookbook. The first day I made the coconut lime ganache out of coconut milk, heavy cream, corn syrup, lime zest/juice, and white chocolate, and refrigerated it overnight.
The next day I whipped the ganache back up and rolled them out. 
I tempered a mix of vanilla bean white chocolate and regular white chocolate to dip them in.
Once I coated the centers I sprinkled coconut on top.

The recipe was very simple and I like the combination of lime and coconut, they taste like key lime pie, but the final result wasn't the best. I did not like the white chocolate with vanilla bean, it was way to sweet and rich. I also felt it could use more of a coconut flavor, maybe mix shredded coconut in the ganache.
Well one recipe down eighty two more to go until I have made everything in the Culinary Institute of America  Chocolates and Confections cookbook. 

P.S  I accidentally came up with an idea for Coconut Bark. I mixed my leftover coconut and tempered white chocolate together and it was delicious. My thought is to add a layer of dark chocolate with it and maybe even almonds. YUM

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