Thursday, June 3, 2010

Divine Delights

I was brought a sweet little treat from my friend "W" on Monday. While out of town she stopped by a favorite place of hers called Divine Delights in Petaluma California.(By the way they deliver.) I got a cute little box with a sweet card filled with petits fours.
I never had petits fours before but have wanted to try them since I was a child. They are so beautiful and make you feel so prim and proper when eating them. "W" hand picked my assortment.
Chocolate, strawberry, lemon, lime, raspberry, and vanilla. They were moist almond flavor butter cakes layered with butter cream and covered in white chocolate. They were almost too cute to eat but I did manage to eat each and everyone of them.  The lemon and lime had a very refreshing flavor. The strawberry remind me of a decadent strawberry shortcake. The beautiful white petit four was vanilla. Then chocolate which was my favorite, creamy chocolaty goodness wrapped up in a tidy bite size package.  If only my daughter wasn't a teenager with opinions of her own, I would love to have and Alice in Wonderland garden party with these displayed on the tables. :)  Oh well, I guess I will have to throw one for myself.

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