Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

While scrolling through the Queen's website (Martha Stewart of coarse), I saw the prettiest Christmas cupcake idea. Using Thomas Keller's Devil's Food Cupcake recipe might have been a mistake though. I had reservations in using it because I wasn't thrilled with his cupcake when I got it at Bouchon Bakery in Las Vegas, but I wanted to still try it just to keep on the Thomas Keller kick I am on. The cupcake did taste just like the one in Vegas, but that wasn't a good thing, it is not very chocolaty and has an odd chewy texture. Well, I tried it and now I can go back to my trusty vegan recipe.
The Christmas tree cupcakes themselves came out very cute, and as I tease my daughter, when it comes to baking "it's whats on the outside that counts". It takes quite a bit of frosting, but the results are worth it. Martha says to use a waffle cone, but I used sugar cones and I think they came out just as nice as hers.

I frosted the cupcakes like I normally do with a ? tip. Then using a small tip and bag, ?, I frosted the cones leaving just enough room at the top to hold it by. Then I put the cone on the cupcake and finished frosting. I loved the way they turned out, I even made another forest of cupcakes using my favorite color, Pink.

Have fun with these.

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