Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Of My Woodhouse

I am still eating my Woodhouse chocolates, but I am reaching the end. Up first is Fresh Mint,  a cute little chocolate in the shape of a leaf. I love chocolate and mint whether its ice cream, cookies, or candies. This is not like any of the mints I have mentioned. When you bite into this chocolate you are in for a surprise. First it doesn't have an artificial white filling, instead you find a smooth chocolate hidden inside. Within that smooth dark chocolate you can taste the mint, and not the kind of mint most people are familiar with, but a fresh mint leaf mint. You can taste the green it's so fresh. (I have a great and easy fresh mint chocolate recipe I will post some time in the future.)  Woodhouse's description is "A ganache of milk and dark chocolates is infused with garden fresh mint and covered in dark chocolate."
My other chocolate was Champagne Truffle. The first time I tried this was also my first time I had Woodhouse. It was so cute in its little cork shape I was so excited to bite in and taste the luxury.  Their description is "A white chocolate ganache with a splash of Grande Champagne Cognac, surrounded by white chocolate". So I pick it up and after a little baby talk I put it in my mouth for my first taste. Immediately I spit it out into my hand with drool hanging from my mouth, I ran to get a drink of water and wipe my tongue off with a paper towel. (Yes sometimes I can be that dramatic.) It was awful, and I was so disappointed. My husband took a bite of the leftover carcass of white chocolate cork and said he didn't think it was bad. I eventually gave in and took another cautious bite and waited for my gag reflexes to kick in, but this time my taste buds had a different reaction. I liked it, I liked it a lot. It has now become one of my favorites.  Looking back I think it is my dislike of alcohol that caused my first reaction. So why did I get an alcohol flavored chocolate you ask, because it was cute, and I expected a more artificial flavor. So cheers to me expanding my champagne palate, but I'm still not drinking it, unless it comes from a chocolate glass.

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