Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Today's chocolates were Heart of Darkness and Toasted Coconut.(OK you got me I also had another Sur del Lago.)
The Heart of Darkness is not for the weak. "Dark chocolate covers a rich filling of dark chocolate ganache and crunchy cocoa nibs." When they say rich they mean RICH, it's almost bitter. What adds to it's richness is the cocoa nibs. I love cocoa nibs. If you have never had them go out and get some. I use them in my cookies and brownies all the time. They are crushed and roasted cacao beans that add crunchiness like nuts but with a chocolate taste. All this nib talk, now I want to make some cookies.
Toasted Coconut was yummy too. I love coconut. I love it on my cakes, in my cookies, in my brownies, and on my marshmallows. But I hate it fresh, I am a sugartarian not a vegetarian. These chocolates aren't like coconut candy you get at the supper market. These have a more subtle coconut flavor, being a coconut lover I could use a little more. They get there coconut flavor from the actual coconut, not a coconut flavor center. The description from my Woodhouse dictionary says "A dark chocolate shell holds a creamy ganache of white chocolate and crunchy bits of toasted coconut." The good thing about the light coconut flavor means you can eat a lot more before you make yourself sick.

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