Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Being a sugartarian it might be surprising that I have a large garden and about 15 fruit trees. I love growing fruits and vegetables, as long as I don't have to eat them. Luckily my kids will eat anything, so when they whine that we don't have anything for a snack, (Meaning chips or cookies, because they have already eaten them all.) I tell them to go outside and find something. (They hate it when I do that) (:
Today I went around and took a few pictures of some of the things that are growing right now.

Roma Tomatoes
Seedless Grapes
My son has been waiting for the blackberries for months
Ok, so it's not edible, but I love my Gardenias. When there is a slight breeze you can smell their perfume though the entire backyard.

Not pictured are our 6 types of peppers, artichoke, peaches, and oranges. Now if only I could grow a cocoa tree, then I would be really happy.

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