Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Snob

I have embraced most names I have been called; princess, spoiled, brat and even bitch, but snob is a name I am not fond of.  Having dealt with my fair share of name calling, it has been my experience most name calling is done only to justify the persons own short comings. Then their are times when the name is completely warranted.  Yes I am spoiled, but I also give as much if not more than I take, and I am a bitch, if you cross me I will try to make your life miserable, but I am definitely not a snob. 

I went to a cupcake shop this weekend to give it a second shot. I had tried their cupcakes when they first opened in 2007. I was so excited when they came unannounced into our office with a big box full of cupcakes as advertising.  I was so excited to try all of them I didn't know where to start. I don't remember all the flavors I tried but a do remember the disappointment I felt with my very first bite. CREAM CHEESE! The description says buttercream but the frosting all had a hint of cream cheese, which I hate. So this weekend I ordered another smaller box with a variety of flavors; Root beer Float, Pucker Up, Snowball, Pinkdelicious, and Chocolate. The Pinkdelicious was as I remembered, a good chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream with a hint of some sort of cream cheese. My husbands chocolate cupcake was just gross. The Pucker Up lemon was ok. The Snowball coconut was weird, the frosting was ok but the cake was more of a hearty oats type of cake than a vanilla cake. And the Root beer was as suspected weird, but not too bad. My husband thought they were great. He didn't think the frosting had a weird flavor or that the Snowball cake did either. 
So here are my choices 1.) I am crazy or 2.) I am a sweets snob. Maybe I am slightly unbalanced but I can't be making these tastes up, besides I really want to like this place. I guess the truth is I really am a snob. (:

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